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5 Simple Ways to Start Eating Well

Updated: Apr 1

Drink more water.

Water is my best friend. Last year I bought a HydroJug that held 80 ounces of water. My goal to myself was to drink 1 jug per day. Of course, at first it was really difficult, but over time, it became much easier. Now, you will never see me without my Camelbak or my HydroJug.

The new cool drinking vessel is Stanley, so I am not too far off from getting that one as well. I have hyperhidrosis (excess sweating that is not always related to heat or movement) of my palms and soles of my feet, so staying hydrated is extremely important for my health.

However, water is vital to life and all of our bodies processes, so it is truly important for everyone's health. Drinking enough water can help you feel more energized, keep headaches at bay, feel better after exercise, sleep better, and help promote consistent bowel movements.

Include electrolytes in your daily routine.

Something else I started in 2022, and will be carrying into 2023, is drinking electrolytes in the AM. Losing excess sweat = losing electrolytes. I started drinking Liquid IV and have been recommending it ever since.

Dealing with a chronic illness as well as handling stress and anxiety all put a toll on our electrolytes. There are many electrolyte brands out there but I prefer Liquid IV. Try them out and see what your favorite is! I find it helps with my hydration status, energy level, and headaches.

Eat with intention.

Multitasking and being distracted can happen more often than we realize. Sitting down with a nourishing meal away from your phone and TV allows you to be able to focus on the delicious tastes and smells of the food you are consuming.

A book I am working through this year is Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole MS, RDN, CEDRD-S and Elyse Resch MS, RDN, CERD-S, FAND - the trailblazers of intuitive eating and the anti-diet approach.

It is a book that should be a staple in all healthcare professionals libraries who stand behind the anti-diet approach, but also for anyone who is interested in learning more about how they can incorporate intuitive eating into their lives and divorce diet culture.

Consume a filling breakfast.

A balanced, well-rounded breakfast is important in setting the tone for the rest of your day. I know it can be hard to start eating breakfast when it is not something you are used to doing.

Start with something simple - eggs (hardboiled, scrambled, sunny-side up) with toast or oatmeal with nut butter and fruit. Making sure you include protein, fat, and whole grains is a good way to ensure you will feel full and satisfied.

Be open to trying new items.

As my boyfriend loves to say (after likely stealing it from a movie or TV show) "variety is the spice of life." In 2022 I started eating meat after being a pescatarian for 10 years.

I enjoyed more food freedom in 2022 than I have in a long time. I now love horseradish pickles (trust me - they are amazing) and have fell in love with cooking again.

Whatever this year has in store for you, I encourage you to be kind and give yourself grace in 2023.

-XO Jess

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