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Affiliate & Ambassador Partnerships

Jess' Picks!

As a registered dietician and lead nutritionist at Nutrition That Heals LLC Jessica Kelly loves trying new and emerging health food products.


Here are some of her favorites from her affiliate & ambassador program:


  • Orgain - Vanilla Bean is Jessica’s favorite Orgain brand protein powder mix flavor. She thinks it’s one of the best vanilla protein powder flavors she’s ever had.

  • Egglife - While the classic eggwhite wrap is great when you want a substitute for a plain tortilla, Jess loves the flavored options the most including everything bagel, southwest style, and italian style.

  • OWYN - Owyn are great plant-based grab-and-go protein shakes. Jessica prefers the Dark Chocolate, Cold Brew Coffee, and Cookies and Creamless variety pack, but the smooth vanilla is a great option for those looking for a ready-made vanilla protein shake.

  • Olipop - All flavors of Olipop have something better to offer than traditional sodas, but Jess thinks the vintage cola and classic root beer flavors make for a great soda substitute.


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