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United Healthcare Nutritionist - Telehealth Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition That Heals is proud to be an in-network provider for United Healthcare Insurance. Our nutrition counseling services under United Healthcare include:


  • Medical Nutrition Therapy Assessment & Follow-up

  • Preventative Nutrition Counseling

  • Individual Diabetes Self-Management


Many of our clients are delighted to discover they’re fully covered for at least one type of nutrition counseling. We work with you and your insurance plan to determine the best service option for you and your health.

The Nutrition That Heals Process


Book your FREE call

Schedule your free 15-minute discovery call to learn more about nutrition therapy and how we can work together!


Prepare for your initial consultation

This is a 90-minute session completed via a HIPAA-compliant video call. 

This will allow me to get to know you better and what your goals are for nutrition therapy.

Intake forms will be emailed to you to complete, which will include providing insurance and payment information.


Attend follow-ups

This is either a 60-, 45- or 30-minute session completed via a HIPAA-compliant video call. 

We will decide what works best for your needs - either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly follow-ups. 

Questions to Ask Your United Healthcare Insurance Representative


We know that understanding your insurance benefits can be difficult and confusing. We always recommend consulting the back of your insurance card for the most appropriate customer service line for your inquiry. 


Below we’ve created a script for you to use when calling your insurance provider to confirm your benefits and coverage.

We recommend always being polite and writing down the name of the agent you are speaking with as well as the reference number for your call at the beginning of your conversation.


  1. Is Nutrition That Heals, LLC (NPI: 1013630177)/Jessica Kelly (NPI: 1871224840) currently an in-network provider for my United Healthcare plan?

  2. If not, what are my out-of-network benefits?

  3. Does my United Healthcare plan cover the following outpatient nutrition therapy CPT codes:

    • 97802 (medical nutrition therapy - assessment)

    • 97803 (medical nutrition therapy - follow up)

    • 99401-99404 (preventive counseling)

  4. If you have diabetes, you may also want to ask if your plan covers G0108 (individual diabetes self-management).

  5. Do I have any nutrition counseling visits covered under the preventative care portion of my United Healthcare plan? (ICD-10 Code: Z71.3)

  6. What is my current coverage for telehealth appointments?

  7. Do I need a referral from my physician?

  8. Do I have a deductible for United Healthcare nutrition counseling services? If yes, how much is it, and how much has been met?

  9. Is there a copayment or coinsurance? If yes to either, what is the cost?

  10. How many sessions are covered per year?

  11. What month does the policy year renew?

  12. Are there any limitations to my coverage?


If you haven’t already, remember to write down the name of the agent you spoke to as well as the reference number for your call.


Not Covered by United Healthcare for Nutritional Counseling?


If your United Healthcare insurance plan doesn’t include nutrition counseling coverage Nutrition That Heals is happy to offer self-pay nutrition counseling services as well.


 We don’t believe that anyone should be denied quality, certified nutritional guidance due to lack of insurance. 


Nutrition Counseling Self-Pay Rates


  • Initial 60-minute Consult: $110

  • 30-minute Follow-Up Sessions: $60


You do not need any active insurance, or history of insurance to receive nutrition consultation via a HIPAA-compliant platform from our team of registered dieticians.


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